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Tina Coutanche, September 1 2022

How to Prevent Hair Loss and Sensitive Scalp

Hair loss can be a very traumatic experience. Did you know that by the age of 35, two-thirds of men will experience some form of hair loss, and 40% of Americans who experience hair loss are women.

That's why I'm dedicating this month to help spread awareness about hair loss, and to share my prevention techniques, which hopefully will help you to understand the real root cause of your hair loss or sensitive scalp condition.

It can be difficult to diagnose from person to person, but one of the main reasons hair loss and sensitive scalp occurs is becasue it is simply hereditary. Basically, if your parents or grandparents suffered from it, you most-likely will as well. 

Although this may sound hopeless for some, prevention can occur once the root cause is uncovered.

The complete life-cycle of one hair follicle begins with active growth, then transition, and finally rest. Every hair on your head has a life span between 3 to 5 years, and hair loss occurs when the hair follicle growth cycle gets disrupted.

How do you avoid disrupting your hair follicles? It begins with using high-quality hair-care products , which for many, can immediately reduce the early stages of hair loss and sensitive scalp.

Start with your scalp

It's important to understand that a healthy scalp supports healthy hair. You want to maintain a healthy scalp by using a detox shampoo product like this, or a detox scrub.

A high-quality Detox scalp or Detox Scrub shampoo will ensure your scalp is always clarified, allowing your scalp to breath will foster healthy hair follicle growth. 

Maintaining a healthy hair washing routine

Maintaining a healthy hair washing routine using a high-quality Energizing Shampoo, Energizing Spray or Energizing Drops supports the health of your scalp and energizes your hair. For extra-sensitive scalp, use a Soothing Relief Shampoo which keeps your scalp clean, and encourages the growth of healthy hair follicles.

If you're dealing with hair loss, or trying to prevent it from becoming worse, reach out to me to find out how I might be able to help you re-energize your scalp and stop hair loss in its tracks.

Written by

Tina Coutanche

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