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Tina Coutanche, March 17 2021

How to avoid your hair color from going wrong

Coloring hair is not as simple as one might think. It's a coloring process that can easily change your hair for a very long time. It means you are moving pigments in or out of the hair shaft.

So before you decide to color your hair, be sure the result is exactly what you want.

Many factors go into a color correction. The initial consultation is the first most important step to ensuring you're picking the right color tones.

Think of it like picking out your favorite expensive sweater. After washing your sweater for the first time, you'll notice that you cannot get the sweater color to look the same against your skin. Hair color works similarly.

After several times of washing your hair, it might change tones and the texture might feel different. That is why you need to make sure you leave your hair appointment with the right hair products and the knowledge to care for your hair on your own.

Complementary colors live in each of our hair strands, it's what our tonal value is made of. Complementary colors interact interestingly. When they are placed side by side, they accent each other and each color appears more intense.

The reasoning behind a color tone leaving the hair is all in the hair coloring theory. Imagine if you originally liked the hair color you applied, but now it has become brassy. How would you correct this problem and return it to the original color?

Well, think about it. What is brassy? What does brassy look like to you? Is it orange? Is it yellow? How do I fix this? Think about the opposite color to orange on the color wheel, which is blue, and the opposite color to yellow is violet.

We also have to ask ourselves, "How do these tones arrive in the center of our strands of hair?" Is it the light we are exposed to daily causing our color to change? Or perhaps a harsh shampoo we are using daily is making our color turn orange.

It can be so many different things that are going on in our daily routine. The best way to prevent a color correction or a color gone wrong is to start by asking yourself, "How much do I want to invest in my hair color every 12 weeks?"

If I'm paying over $200 for my color to be done in a salon, wouldn't it make sense to buy some hair care products and hair tools that stand behind your gorgeous new hair color?

When I leave a salon without being advised on how to care for my hair or about the hair care products I should be using at home, I'm not sure I would feel satisfied.

I would probably think to myself the stylist is not concerned about my hair, but more about how much money they can make off my hair service.

Caring for your hair means doing some research before you choose a salon and stylist.

If you've experienced a hair color gone bad, I assure you that the first few steps you made to set up an appointment to have your hair done in a professional salon were not taken properly.

So when choosing your next color service do your research ask lots of questions.

It is all in the consultation and the connection with your stylist. The more educated your stylist the better chance you have of adoring a color service gone right.

Written by

Tina Coutanche


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